Contact a Carpet Cleaning Service to Keep Your Floors

Having carpet in your home can be a big responsibility if you don’t know how to care for it properly. When it is in good condition, it can really spruce up the appearance of your home and bring more warmth to your surroundings. Even if you take the time to vacuum it on a regular basis, there will still be some occasions where you will need to have a professional carpet cleaning service come out and remove any stains and embedded dirt that is marring the condition of your plush flooring. carpet cleaning kitchener

There are some things you can do to help keep your covering in good condition until you are able to schedule an appointment for the carpet cleaning service to come. Even if you use these methods religiously, they may not work on all stains and other substances that happen to get spilled onto your floors. Some of the products used to remove stains and freshen up your carpet can be found in your kitchen cupboards. Other products you can find at most retail stores in your local area.

You need to be aware that there are three substances that are virtually impossible for you to get out on your own without professional help. The first substance is red wine, followed by tomato sauce and blood. No matter how hard you scrub, you will always be able to tell something was spilled. If you take action as soon as the spill happens, you can reduce the amount of stain and lighten the color so that it is not as noticeable. If you ever happen to spill red wine, blood or tomato sauce on your carpet, run to your kitchen and grab some paper towel, dish detergent or shampoo and some hydrogen peroxide. The sooner you blot the excess spill up, the more likely you are able to prevent it from spreading and making a bigger mess.

You need to make a solution of a cup of peroxide, mixed with a tablespoon of detergent or shampoo. Once you have dabbed up as much of the liquid that you can from the floor, it is time to use a cloth and apply the solution. You may want to use a sponge and use it to continue to dab at the stain with the solution until you no longer notice it. Afterwards, you should rinse the sponge in warm water and lightly blot the previously stained area with warm water. Use a dry cloth to blot the area dry. Remember, whenever something is spilled on your floors, you have to take action immediately to prevent the dirt and stains from setting. In order to extend the life of your rugs, you should have a carpet cleaning service maintain them on a regular basis.


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