Advantages and Disadvantages of Botox

Botox is an affordable and fast form of treating wrinkles and lines on the face and make your skin look smooth again. It gives a more youthful appearance to people by paralyzing the muscle it is injected in. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of Botox treatment which will be discussed in the article.

Advantages of Botox include;

  1. It is a very quick procedure. The injection takes 10 to 15 minutes approximately and you can take it any time of the day. If you are someone on an alright schedule and need a fast cure for wrinkles and face lines then Botox injection does not take much of your time.
  2. The results of Botox injection would at least take a day to show but it depends on the skin type and the result varies from person to person so for the best results, wait for a week and you will see the magic.
  3. Botox treatment is very affordable compared to other cosmetic surgeries. Botox injections are the easiest and cheaper form of cosmetic procedure. You can get it done with trained professionals and get an amazing botox offer dubai.
  4. Even though there are some side effects of Botox injections, they are gone in a few days. Botox treatment is safer and has fewer health risks.
  5. The treatment is not permanent so in case you change your mind or you do not like the results, it will fade away after some time and your skin will be back to what it was like before the injections.

Disadvantages of Botox include;

  1. It can be considered an advantage that this treatment is temporary in case of change of mind however, for some people it is a major disadvantage because you would need to have Botox injections every few months to maintain the effect.
  2. There are few side effects attach to it such as nausea, muscle weakness, facial pain, etc. Also, pain and bruising can be felt where Botox was injected but it will go away after 2 or 3 days.
  3. The effectiveness of Botox injections can reduce after a passage of time because it is not a permanent solution and you need to keep taking the injections. Tolerance to the drug can be developed by the person hence the dosage of Botox injections will be increased to achieve the desired results.
  4. Botox injections froze facial muscles which means that repeated treatment may mean that you might lose some facial expressions such as smiling.