Why Start Your Business In the Shams Free Zone


Whether you plan to set up your business in the UAE or expand your existing operations, consider the Shams-free zone. This media-focused free zone in Sharjah is known for its cost-effective licensing packages. Its goal is to help the creative sector thrive while fostering a vibrant community and innovative ecosystem. However, before you invest in this free zone, you should be aware of Shams free zone license cost.

It is quick and easy:

Registering a business in Shams free zone is quick and easy. Typically, the process takes just three days. Once you have your company registered, you can participate in regular networking events and seminars. Moreover, you can attend workshops and exhibitions that offer opportunities to showcase your skills. You can also use the co-working space and get access to a printing machine and WiFi.

You can repatriate your profits:

Another benefit is that you can repatriate your profits from the free zone. UAE government allows you to do so, which can help you save on costs and ensure you don’t lose money. If you plan to start a business in the United Arab Emirates, you can also benefit from the zero corporate income tax and the zero personal income tax.

You can benefit from a low-cost business license:

In addition to these, you can also benefit from low-cost business licenses. You can get a business license for as low as AED 11,500. This is a great deal for any business. Once you have your business license, you can open a bank account and sponsor employees. You can also enjoy the benefits of your branch, such as the profit your company makes from its operations.

You can establish a corporate hierarchy:

Besides you can also choose from a wide variety of business activities, including e-commerce, advertising, event management, and media services. You can even establish a corporate hierarchy within your company. It is also possible to start a branch office in the free zone if you are a pre-existing company. This is the simplest way to expand your operations.

Ease of opening bank account:

Another advantage of this free zone is the ease of opening a bank account. The registration procedure is easy, and there is no need to fill out an extensive form. You can also send documents from your home to the emirate of Sharjah. After you have obtained your bank account, you can begin getting a company in the free zone.