High Security Seals For USA and Overseas Shipments

For several years high security seals have been the main seal used for container and trailer security.

Security Bolt Seals are not just for physical strength. Tampering is one of the biggest dangers, which is why customer’s products need protection. High security seals are intended for higher security applications. Authorities appreciate their use as they can easily tell if there has been tampering as the seal has to be destroyed in order to get past it.

Manufacturers have spent years improving these products for the well-known container operators worldwide. They witnessed a lot of tampering methods and came to know that the main threat to the customer is hidden substitution. This is what they called lethal tampering.

Using high security bolts seals is safer and more applicable in heavy duty sealing applications like shipping on truck and trailers, rail cars and freight containers. Many companies provide distinctive kinds of high security bolt seals. Bolt seals are more solid than other seals so they can be used for securing shipping containers during long distance transit.

Shipments that cross international borders require a proper locking mechanism. They have serial numbers and are offered in different colors. Customization makes them more secure as the specific name and number won’t be repeated. The solid metal core head and a locking cylinder that is encased in shock proof plastic makes for a high level security seal and an effective tamper deterrent. mechanical seal factory

High security seals must meet the international standard that specifies the minimum and acceptable physical strength parameters for seals that can be used on marine containers. It requires values that must be met to be a compliant. In attaining or exceeding ISO 17712’s strength requirements, the bolt seals will be regarded as compliant and can be used on marine containers.

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The United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) set up a requirement on October 15, 2008. A high security bolt seal must be applied to ocean containers and trailers entering the United States. It is set out in the ISO/PAS 17712 2006 Mechanical Seals standards, which specifies what standard they should follow. Security seals have three categories: indicative seal, security seal and high security seals. The high security bolt seal is classified as a High Security Seal as it has passed the tests to ensure that is very difficult to tamper with (in most cases it must be destroyed for the container, trailer, or rail car to be entered).


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