I Want to Quit My Job – Should I Risk Being an Entrepreneur?

Have you been thinking to yourself, I want to quit my job? Are you thinking about quitting your job so you can have more freedom, unlimited income, time to travel and just more fulfillment in life? Have you asked yourself, Should I Risk Being An Entrepreneur? Only you can answer this question for yourself! So, let’s look at the different types of entrepreneurs and business systems.

#1- Home Based Business Entrepreneur

After the real estate market crash, I went from nine rental properties to zero. I eventually got a job in sales and regardless of my sales success, I wanted to quit my job because I missed the benefits being an entrepreneur: my freedom, being in control of my time, deciding how much money I could make and traveling whenever I wanted. Since rich people build networks while everybody else looks for work, I decided to do what the rich do.

By the end of 2009, I made a commitment to build my network marketing empire. Whether you’re quitting your job or not, there’s not much risk being an entrepreneur in the Network Marketing industry. Instead of quitting your job, you can start a network marketing business while you’re still working for $500 or less. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. Steph Korey

You require commitment, an entrepreneur mindset and learning marketing and relationship building skills. Without these, chances of success are slim to none. If you do a little research, you’ll find that most average people becoming millionaires today took the risk to be an entrepreneur in network marketing. If you like people, collaborating with a team, residual income and creating wealth from the comfort of your home, being an entrepreneur in network marketing may be a perfect business for you.

#2- Self-Employed Entrepreneur or “Fake Business Owner”

I call the Self-Employed fake business owners not because the person is fake, it’s because they don’t really own a business. They own a job and most of them feel their self-employed job owns them. I used to sell advertising to many of them and they would even say I was in a better position in my job than them! When they stop working their income stops and this is a risk. I know you want to quit your job. I also know if you risk being an entrepreneur as self-employed, it’s a bad risk. If you’re an entrepreneur risk taker and you want this, go after it and make a plan B. Examples of SE’s are small shop owners, artists, consultants, designers, and cleaning people.

#3- Professionals & Tradespeople Are SE’s Too

These are self-employed entrepreneurs who have a license or a technical trade which include doctors, lawyers, electricians, mechanics, massage therapists, real estate agents, and hair stylists. Again, this is not a real business because there’s no real asset besides the owner. Quitting your job to replace it with a job you own is risky business. Now if the owner creates a business with partners, employees, multiple locations then this is a real asset and if they stop working they’ll continue to make money.


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