Is Custom Clothing for You?

Are you considering purchasing custom clothing? Or wondering if custom clothing is for you? Here are some items to consider.

Are you an easy fit? Can you generally walk right into a store a buy off the rack without too much dissatisfaction? Are you satisfied with just the basics in suits, coats and shirtings? Then perhaps an off-the-rack, or ‘ready-made’ garment is all you need. But if you are looking for more, custom clothing may be the way to go.

Most of our clients use us for custom, or ‘made-to-measure’ clothing, but not all. You may consider the purchase of custom clothing for the following reasons:

1. Fabric choices

With custom clothing you literally choose from hundreds of bolts of fabrics available, whether it is for shirts, pants, suits, coats, etc. Then a pattern is made specifically for you from the fabric you choose. This also makes it easy to coordinate outfits to make you stand out amongst your peers and competitors.

2. Styling

This is a key element for many people. Do you want plain front pants? A 2 or 3-button coat? Deeper pleats? A specific width of pant leg? A specific lining in your coats or pants? A particular type of collar on your shirts? These are just a few of the options available when you choose  custom clothing nj custom clothing.

3. Price ranges

You can invest in the classics, or literally the best fabrics available in the world. It is totally up to you. Whatever your comfort zone may be regarding price, you can find it with your choices in custom clothing. For example, you can find custom suits from our line anywhere from $650 to $3000.

4. Fit

Perhaps the most important element of them all. Dozens of measurements are taken for your specific body type, and the pattern is made specifically for you. Custom clothing recommendations are made to compliment your style and desires it fit. Just think of the fit problems with which you struggle, and in almost every case, that problem can be solved through custom clothing.

Perhaps custom clothing has not been your choice with previous purchases, but you desire to project a certain image. Custom clothing may be the way to go for you. But, as I tell many of our clients, be prepared. Once you get suits, coats, pants or shirtings custom made specifically for you, you may find it hard to return to your standard off-the-rack choices.


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