Realme Gt – An Affordable Smart Phone With Power and Beauty


Realme Gt – affordable smartphone from Oppo – a Chinese manufacture. It offers advanced features at an extremely low price. The realme GT is a great choice for an affordable smartphone. It’s packed with features that make it stand out among its rivals.

With a resolution of 6 megapixels and a snappy camera, the Realme Gt is a promising mobile phone that offers excellent value for money. The Realme GT 5G prices only Rs 37,99 for the basic variant, which is way cheaper than the other flagship killers like the Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro & the iQOO 7 Legend. It scores well as an appealing choice in the mid-budget.

The dual screen design of the Realme Gt is its biggest selling point. The phone has a normal screen, but it has a capacitive touch sensitive display that can be used to execute all your multi tasking tasks with ease. The phone also comes with a larger than life six. 43 inch Super AMoled displays that is enhanced by a bright face of Samsung LCD panel behind it. This gives it a clear display to work upon, so that it’s always ready to tackle any kind of work, irrespective of what you want to do on it. realme gt

The Realme GT comes with an innovative dual camera set up. The first is a 12 mega pixel camera that can be easily fitted into the phone’s USB slot. With this set up, you can take high quality pictures without worrying about the slowness of the processor as the camera can take photos instantly. The second camera comes with a much superior camera, though the first one is far more convenient to use. It has a huge 1.5-inch screen, just like the realme, but this is supplemented by a nice round notification LED, which lights up when the user desires it, and can even be disabled.

The Realme GT also comes with an amazing built in memory. It has a powerful and spacious 2GB ram, giving it the capability to easily handle all your work, whether it involves a lot of graphics or streaming large movies. The Realme GT also comes with a good amount of space for additional storage, including a highly expandable sixteen gigabyte hard drive, giving you an excellent amount of space for all your data, no matter what the size of the files are. To add to this, the phone also comes with a micro-SD slot, which will allow you to easily insert extra media, such as music and videos.

When it comes to the internal storage of the Realme Gt, you will be impressed. For a price that is half as much as some other phones, you will get an ample amount of space to store all your documents. Even with its generous internal storage, the Realme Gt still manages to pack in a huge amount of power. With a quad-core processor, four mega-pixels camera, a high-definition camera, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a large amount of memory, you cannot help but wonder how the Realme Gt could be priced at such a low price, but the internal storage, battery life, quality, and weight make it perfect for anyone who wants a smart phone that is powerful, yet lightweight and easy to carry around.

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