Small Wicker Baskets

Everyone could use a little extra storage space in his or her home. If you find yourself with a lot of small items that you do not have a home for, you may want to look into getting some small wicker baskets to keep these things in. This decorative method of storage will not only supply you with more space for your possessions, they also look lovely in the home. They help to add a sense of charm or personality to your residence. custom wicker basket flower basket willow b

Wicker storage has been used to centuries as an effective method for keeping and transporting items. They are typically made from a strong, pliable plant such as oak, willow, reed, or cane. The base would be created first, which would either be a solid piece of material or one woven from reed. Then there would be a supportive frame extended from the base. These pieces were used to weave the materials around to create the sides of the basket. There are many different styles of weaving, making each basket unique. Lids and handles could also be crafted if needed.

Small wicker baskets are just one size and shape that these storage units can come in. With so many uses, many different dimensions are used to create these baskets. The smaller ones can hold a potted plant, making the living item look more sophisticated than the plastic pot it came in. This makes any room, deck, or patio lovelier than simply sitting the plant down with its original pot exposed.

Large wicker baskets are often used to store laundry. Wicker storage is also created in the form of picnic baskets. With the durability of the material, you can carry all of the food items needed for the event in one convenient place. They can also be used in the living or sitting room to hold magazines, television guides, and remote control. Children can even benefit from having small wicker baskets in their rooms, storing their art supplies, matchbox cars, or books in them.

Some people choose to use wicker throughout an entire room, purchasing various shaped baskets for different functions. In a bathroom, for example, small baskets can hold soaps, hand towels, and tissues. Larger ones can be used to store toilet paper, bath towels, and washcloths.


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