You’ve made your packing list, labeled your boxes, spill-proofed them and sent everything you still own after last week’s garage sale to the truck downstairs. Think you’re ready to leave? Think again.

The moving process can be a stressful one, to say the least. Once the packing is done and your house is empty your job is only half done. Now you have to get it to pass your landlord’s inspection and be ready for the next inhabitants.

Cleaning with as little pain as possible is….well, possible. It all depends on how you approach your dilemma which, in this case, is a messy abode. Here are a few tips to keep your enthusiasm high and your stress levels low when polishing up for operation relocation: move out cleaning colorado springs

First, take charge. Find out exactly what needs to be done by reviewing your lease or strata requirements. Don’t give yourself more work than necessary. Once that’s figured out, make a list and find out what products and supplies you’ll need to do the job – check to see what you have (i.e. stuff that hasn’t given you its farewell on the moving truck already) and what you need to make a run to the store for. Typical supplies include rags (about two for each task), paper towels, wide-width tape or lint rollers, spray bottle-type cleaning products as well as powdered and liquid bleach, degreaser, a few boxes of baking soda and gloves. Make sure you’ve got your vacuum cleaner still with you. What other resources do you have? If that would be a bunch of kids running around with nothing to do but conveniently be in your way on this lovely day, turn that into an asset and begin assigning chores. Hold a scrub-a-dub-athon. (On that note, be sure NOT to call it a ‘chore’ or they’ll lose interest before you can blink twice). Having a plan of action will save you immeasurable time and energy.

Next, think of what you want most at this moment and promise to reward yourself (and your little helpers) once the job is done. There is a medal to be won at the end of every race. In this case, beat the scrub and you get to go out for dinner, eat high-calorie dessert, take a bubble bath and sleep in tomorrow! Keep your reward in mind. Write it down and keep it somewhere viewable if necessary.

Third, turn on the tunes, loudly. It’ll make things faster and more fun.

Take a deep breath. Now you’re ready to begin! Start with the toughest jobs first. You’ll feel like you got a lot done right off the bat. Usually that entails kitchens and bathrooms.

In the kitchen, target grease and food build up. Don’t forget the top of the stove vent and the bottom of the fridge below the produce drawers (the spot no one notices in day-to-day life). Clean the sink with a powdered, non-chlorine bleach product and let it sit there for a while to soak up grub. The powder attribute will help with the scrubbing. Throw some baking soda-and-water mix in the drain to get rid of odours. Under the sink can also be kinda smelly so it might be useful to have a box of baking soda to leave in there, as well as in the fridge. Clean the backsplash areas with a regular disinfectant and use a degreaser or special oven cleaner for the oven and stove.

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