Twitter Should Not Take the Google Offer, Or Any Offer!

The blogosphere, ezines, and social media networks, have been blogging, printing, and twittering over the last week or two in regards to news that Google is close to making an offer for Twitter. Too many authors have been getting dinged for jumping on the band-wagon; don’t believe the Google purchase of Twitter hype! Authors are commenting that they should sell, sell, sell, for any amount that Google offers. What are all of the “rumored” offers? So far, I’ve seen Twitter offer amounts numbering Two Hundred and Fifty Million, Five Hundred Million, or One Billion? Read all of the articles regarding this matter, and and you’ll find one word in common with all of them, they state that it is a “rumored offer” or simply just a “rumor”.

I have been reading article after article, and have analyzed all of their arguments. Amazingly enough, even after information from a reliable source within Twitter was released stating that “There was a discussion [Google executive Marissa Mayer’s] group about real-time search and about product stuff. It was a couple weeks ago. It was very preliminary…and that was that.” and another source stating: “Seriously, no negotiations, no deal, nada.”, the internet chatter of a Google purchase of Twitter is still a-buzzing! So why, if reliable sources are stating to the contrary, are so many internet authors and bloggers still fueling these “Google purchase of Twitter” fires?

Let’s review their arguments:

1) There is no real value in Twitter, so sell while Google’s buying! Steph Korey

So many people have criticized Twitter’s fast rising success, attributing it to good marketing and having public attraction from its newness and public hype, and are stating that it will be short-lived. Several authors state that the “messages are short, and often-times pointless”, or “That it’s full of trivial rubbish”. However, sometimes people simply appreciate a little brevity in life. The tremendous success and current use of “Leet Speak” on the internet is an excellent example of this fact. Being capable of expressing a complete thought or group of thoughts within 140 characters is not a sign of a lack of intelligence, but of analytical and interpretive intelligence.

2) Twitter is holding onto an idealistic fantasy.

The argument that Twitter is trying to avoid reality is preposterous. Twitter is realism, twenty-four hours a day, and it is as social impacting or as mundane as the person chooses. If a person wants to share their personal insights or experiences, they can. If a person wants to try to change the world 140 characters at a time, they can. If you want to educate or share information with anyone who wants to read it, you can! There are no filters, only that you choose to “listen” to what each particular person has to say. Yes, there will be some insincerity present. However, when is it not present in our lives? You have to filter through the B.S. and choose who is sincere, and who isn’t. Then, you simply give the insincere people the boot by stopping to follow them, or block them altogether!


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